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Quality contacts are the key to a successful networking. 

Current Contacts above everything

The main element of successful communication with potential or existing clients is having good contact data. SugarCRM allows you to establish contacts, update or when establishing contacts to read from the publicly available registers such as ARES or those verified in Insolvency Register (ISIR).

When the setting up of the candidates, firms or contacts, mechanisms are implemented that enable for example checking for duplication or merging of existing records. Thanks to these types of functionality, you have in your database always “fresh” and “clean” information and your directory will become a quality support for other marketing and commercial activities.

Get information from various sources

Sources of quality contacts are available everywhere around us. We can obtain from marketing databases, the Internet or from a service such as or through automated loading via web forms from their own websites.

Our CRM is ready to relay the data to you from these sources and to provide high quality documents for the creation or updating of contact information.



Having the opportunity for us is the most important thing!

Opportunities for their size, distribution in time and in the sales range basically tells us that the organisation has PERSPECTIVE, the opportunity forGROWTH and indeed whether it STAY in the market and will have resources to pay its EXPENSES.

That is why for us obtaining and managing opportunities is practically the most important task within CRM.

Our created solutions fully cover the process of control over opportunities from their:

  • Identification based on defined characteristics,
  • Financial quantification via
  • development of activities after
  • the successful implementation in the form of orders and invoicing.


Integrated work tools with activities enable targeted addressing of the selected contacts.

Targeted activities accelerate communication

SugarCRM is a system that allows creation over your contact base of a wide range of activities from phone calls to e-mail, tasks after a meeting and monitoring of implementation and mainly success.

Planned and implemented activities can be watched under individual contacts in the history and also in a convenient calendar.

Thanks to synchronisation with various devices, you are not dependent on the platform and you can process activity anywhere and from any device.


Reach a broad spectrum of contacts through campaigns

In CRM, you have the opportunity to address registered contacts en masse via e-mail or telephone campaigns and to monitor how these campaigns have ended up, to whom an e-mail has been delivered, who has read the e-mail or who thanks to the campaign has expressed interest in your services and products.

For creating quality campaigns it is necessary to have a basic understanding about contacts via segmentation information that can help you choose the right contacts to reach based on defined criteria. Segmentation criteria can be automatically updated with the results both from the campaigns and from economic systems.

Campaign activities can be realised by using the external systems such as MailChimp or a call centre, which we can integrate with CRM.



Management of a comprehensive business cycle is a logical requirement for CRM systems. 

From the opportunity to the invoice

Our modified SugarCRM is a comprehensive trading system which enables simple realisation of the entire sales process, from:

  • demand and/or business opportunities to
  • the creation of Offers and any of their versions, to
  • Orders and
  • Invoices resulting from them.

Created records of offers, orders and invoices can be transferred to your economic system such as Money, Pohoda, ABRA, Navision and others. Thanks to this connection you will not need to manually rewrite the record, and you will minimise errors and save time.

Within the scope of this functionality, it is possible to have various price lists with links to the products. Created offers or invoices can be printed as PDF files and sent directly via email from CRM and enable an overview of the complete communication with clients.

Measure and learn from analyses

To be able to watch what is happening, analyse and adapt approaches in relation to the target groups, and through them to the whole market is an essential requirement for any CRM system.

Our SugarCRM allows you to perform effective analysis using the Embedded analytics tools.



The successful sale of everything is only just beginning…

Quality support can save a client

To obtain a client is very long and complex process, and keep one requires no less effort and hard work.

Good and well implemented support provides clients with certainty that they are well cared for. It also assures the client of having chosen the right supplier of a solution or services and it helps create new business opportunities.

Our delivered solutions enable management of support processes using requirements and allows sharing of requirements with clients using an external portal.

If you want to use a different help desk system such as Freshdesk or Mantis and or others, will will enable you to connect to these and other systems and to have a comprehensive overview of activities with clients.