The most important feature of our solutions is: the ability to adapt to your needs.

Simple and effective support for your activities on the go

Tailored for your “hands” so that you can always “hit” the button and
have with you what is most important.


Complete information about clients, contacts and interested parties
All information which you write into SugarCRM can be found very quickly and clearly arranged in the mobile app.

Direct telephone calling
for each contact or call where you have a phone number, you can simply “click” and you will already be calling.

It shows you where you go
Are you going to a meeting and do not know exactly where it is? With a simple click, you can connect to a map, which will show you the way.


Activities also in a clear calendar

A simple concept of work with activities

Using our implemented concept of work with activities, you can quickly and simply use filtering to get to what you are supposed to do now.

Clear calendar

All activities can also be displayed in a calendar for a better overview of their distribution.

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Manage the entire sales cycle on a mobile phone

Do you need to know quickly about what kind of opportunity exists for a particular client and what will be done with the machines?

That is why we created the ability to manage the entire sales cycle of opportunities directly from your mobile phone, whether establishment, adjustments or other changes in opportunities are involved.


Invoices, orders and receivables

Learn quickly who owes you

Most salespeople in the terrain need to have a comprehensive overview of the status of receivable and invoicing of their clients.

In the mobile solution you have the following information in basic form always available with one click. Of course there are regular updates with the economic system.


Simple reporting

The key to quick orientation

Within the mobile CRM, we have implemented simple reporting, which can be modified in different ways based on needs.

With this reporting, you have access to the overviews and indicators and it is possible to quickly navigate between clients and respond quickly to changing needs.


High flexibility of solutions

Our mobile solutions can be adapted for you in terms of:

  • Contents – what modules as well as which items are to be displayed, and
  • Design – for example based on your manual logo


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Mobile solution in your style

A couple of examples for how your mobile CRM can look.

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Do you want more detailed information about options for adjustments?

Phone consultation

Before the actual personal contact, it is necessary to properly agree on arrangements.


Write us a date to phone consultation.

Choose the appropriate phone consultation term that suits you.
Consent for processing personal data.