The system is not only the software

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We will be happy to make any adjustments to the system and use them, and then we will be in a good situation.


Analysis and design of service solution

All of the solutions and components we have delivered can be adjusted based on the customer’s needs!

Everything starts from:

  • Analysis and consultation – are a cornerstone of the whole implementation of any system that decide what is determined and how the proposed solution or strategy will be developed.
  • Suggested solutions – on the basis of analyses, solutions are proposed, which we always discuss with the client. We do not create projects in the “drawer”.

Methods of service work

Most clients select and assess the system based on functionality! Unfortunately, they forget that it is necessary to focus on how to use these types of functionality for their own benefit.

There is an irreplaceable role of an experienced implementer, who is able to provide the client with a quality way of working with the system and transforming its functions into a benefit compared the competition.

Our staff have experience from various fields and implementation, and therefore we offer methods for how to use the system as part of our implementation.


Development of applications and service systems

According to the analyses and proposed solutions, we will carry out development, including integration for any of third parties’ applications.

We very often develop our solution using gradual development SCRUM, when the client has full control over the resulting solution.


Service training

Only users verify the quality of a created application and supplied methods.

Therefore, we place great emphasis on training, because this enables us to give users basic knowledge about how to use the system.


Service support

We guarantee quick and quality support!

It is intended for: bringing up new requirements, advice and consultation of users.

We have created a support system:

  • Help desk – via e-mail and the help desk system, or
  • Hotline – via phone.

We provide support:

  • 8 hours x 5 days, or
  • 24 hours x 7 days

Based on the client’s needs.